In December’s ACA NEWS it we emphasized the importance of keeping the green space at the S/E corner of the Charley Fox Memorial Overpass in City hands and establish a quiet, serene “Parkette” for the enjoyment of the neighbourhood while honouring our brave veterans.

The “Angel” we mentioned who is keeping the roundabout neat and tidy is Larry Laur who also constructed a small memorial to remember our fallen heroes. Guess what! Some cold-hearted thief vandalized the site and stole the WW2 steel helmet. What a pity we have people in our society who have no sense of honour towards our valiant soldiers who gave their lives to protect our precious freedom.

The illegal “group home” issue where a 72 year-old man lost his life in a fire on November 3rd is gathering steam. The good news is the City is considering looking at measures to better regulate such facilities. The perplexing aspect is the fact the Ontario Government is apparently uninterested in getting involved in the process. Meanwhile the 1,500 member Argyle Community Association has written a letter on December 2nd to the Chief Coroner for Ontario requesting an official inquest into this matter with appropriate recommendations to follow.


Hurray!! The Gore Road Bridge is open to traffic. Though some finishing touches remain the barriers were removed a couple of days before Christmas. The bridge has been on the ACA’s “Project List” (check for some years and will now move to the History File.

A distressing, dangerous and annoying traffic problem remains just a chip shot away from the bridge. Anyone who has ever made a right turn from Gore onto Ham Road knows it’s impossible to twist one’s neck sufficiently in order to fully observe west-bound traffic. Currently a fix is in the works for 2019. That is far too long a wait to have this horse & buggy intersection brought into the 21st century.


Local media reported another significant London Hydro $windfall is imminent, possibly in the eight figures. In 2008 a similar surplus was around Twenty Million Dollars. The just-formed Argyle Community Association, then at about 100 members, protested bitterly as those funds were, in one swift council meeting, quickly approved and dispensed. NOT A SINGLE DIME OF THAT MONEY FOUND ITS WAY TOWARDS THE NEEDS OF EAST LONDON. It is hoped our brand new City Council will exercise a more equitable sense of fairness in distributing this surplus.

To all our readers, the Argyle Community Association wishes you wonderful, happy and prosperous New Year.

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