ACA News - May 2015

 Annual General Meeting

 Annual General Meetings for any group (especially community associations), are an exciting gathering to hear news, shake hands and to meet and greet, old and new friends alike. Your Argyle Community Association held its sixth AGM on April 22 during a raging ice-pellet storm at the Christian School on Clarke Rd. 55 brave souls attended that gathering and were treated to a wonderful address by Matt Brown, London’s sixtieth mayor.

He acknowledged that Argyle faces special problems no one else in London has to deal with. Still, as mayor of a city of 370,000 people, communal challenges are enormous. Mayor Brown laid out a four year plan, a vision one might say, to take us into a brighter future. The most immediate and pressing one is the TMP (Transportation Master Plan), a 20 year 1.2 billion dollar initiative to modernize our transportation system.

Concurrently the “London Plan” is equally, if not more, crucial because it deals with ideas how London is to grow beyond solving transportation issues. The quality of life has been weaved throughout the London Plan ensuring that establishing pleasant neighbourhoods will make our hometown a joy to live in.

It’s fair to say everyone who attended the AGM was pleased with the mayor’s speech, we are certainly very appreciative that he came to Argyle to talk to us.

 At the close The Argyle Community Association re-assured, not only the mayor but City Staff in general we would always conduct our business in a respectful and courteous manner no matter how strong we feel about an issue.




 We are happy to report our membership of 1520 remains as the largest community association in London. Strategically, membership efforts will change this year - instead of primarily 

increasing memberships, we will now focus on  building relationships with  residents and community groups within Argyle.  We will utilize talents that people have here in Argyle and will try to run some enjoyable, and fundraising special events.  This may be held in collaboration with other groups in their endeavours, or requesting partners to support an Argyle Association event. We will continue to inform you the citizens of Argyle, about social and family resources,  and how infrastructure  - local improvements, maintenance and preventive services affects Argyle  Let us continue to work together by investing in Argyle, through membership, promotion, using our talents, or providing financial resources.

 Jetty Veldstra, Membership Chair ACA



Young or old, everyone in the city is affected by the quality of infrastructure. It’s the source of most complaints. 

Your Argyle Community Association pays close attention to all infrastructure matters from roads, recreational facilities, transportation systems, zoning issues and many other items. They are listed and can be found on this website, updated frequently to show current status. By now everyone is aware of the Argyle Community Complex scheduled to be built at East Lions Park in 2016. A couple of other notables are the Hamilton/Gore Road intersection, long overdue for a rebuild as well as the long awaited completion of Third St upgrades.

 During the AGM two or three other areas (roads) were brought to our attention and will be investigated.


 Veterans Memorial Parkway Clean Up

 On Saturday April 25 an army of volunteers descended on Veterans Memorial Parkway to collect truckloads of trash and litter carelessly tossed along an expressway whose very name honours our brave veterans. One can only be thankful for the many who came to help make the marquis entrance-way to London look beautiful; Everyone of you is a civic hero.

 Have a concern, want to chat? Call or e-mail me, Nick Sauter, Outreach & Infrastructure Chair 519-451-0658


The next ACA board meeting will be held on Wednesday May 27th at 7:00pm at the East London Library.  Everyone welcome!