Time moves on and time changes everything. This month will be the seventh year of the Argyle Community Association's existence. It started with four people in 2008, our BOD,  which was also our entire membership. We had a dream that one day we too would have recreational facilities and decent infrastructure for a neighbourhood of 27,000 people, the largest in London. We were determined to represent the common interests ofthe residents of the Argyle area to promote the well-being of the community and the City of London. It was and remains a noble goal indeed, one that we will continue to pursue. All the while our membership continued to grow and now stands at about 1,700.

A lot has changed in seven years. The meager. hand-written project list we once worked from has become an organized document, (check this website) and finished jobs are listed on a “Completed” file.

Your all-volunteer Board of Directors has worked diligently, reaching out to city staff and Councillors alike to discuss items of concern to our residents. A couple of examples are: The Hamilton/Gore Rd. intersection is slated for an upgrade in 2019. Still a bit of a wait but at least the work is on the horizon. The latest announcement is about a complete rebuild of the Hamilton/Highbury crossroad, a true traffic nightmare and one the top five most accident-prone locations in the city.

Besides infrastructure items your Argyle Community Association has been involved in many other endeavors to improve the quality of life for residents in Central East London. Yes, time has moved on but it was extraordinary people who were willing to step forward and help shape the place we live in for the better.

It is therefore with a heavy heart and a deep sense of trepidation I am announcing that I am leaving the Board of Directors to take my place as a regular member among the most wonderful people in all of London. Our last mayor dubbed Argyle “the economic engine that makes London run”, you, my dear friends must be the engineers.

I'm asking you, not only to support the present leadership of the ACA, but to step forward to help shape the future of the place you call home.

Thanks & regards, Nick Saute