ACA NEWS, July 2015

Please welcome our new Chair – Kristin Haight and Vice Chair – Linda Davis who were elected at the last ACA Board of Directors meeting.  Kristin and Linda will be acting as Co-Chairs to bring positive initiatives to the Argyle Community!




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Canada Day

Thank you so much to all of our wonderful residents who took the time to speak with us on Canada Day about issues in Argyle that matter to you! We learned so much about Argyle and its residents. Results from the survey will be posted in the near future on our website and social media.  Stay tuned!



Family Centre Argyle is NOW OPEN!

The Family Centre Argyle doors opened on June 23rd at 9:00am!
Location: 1990 Royal Crecent (attached to Lord Nelson Public School)

Hours: 9am-5pm Monday – Friday (open late on Wednesdays until 8pm)

Telephone: 519-455-2791

Drop by for a visit to learn more about the programs they offer!



Free Drop in Summer Play Program

Are you looking for something FREE for your kids to do this summer?! The City of London is offering FREE drop-in summer playground programs for kids 6-12 years old at a school near you!

Check out the link below for more details:                                                    


Shift London and Rapid Transit

Help to keep the eastern bus terminal at the Argyle Mall. The current proposal is for that terminal to be located at Fanshawe College. Go to feedback and complete a survey concerning Rapid Transit. You can also contact your city councillor at City Hall 519-661-2500. Ward 1 Michael van Holst ext. 4001, Ward 2 Bill Armstrong ext. 4002, Ward 3 Mo Salih ext. 4003, Ward 4 Jesse Helmer ext. 4004


Lawn Bowling

FUN, FRIENDS, EXERCISE and FRESH AIR. Lawn Bowling is a low cost outdoor activity with all equipment supplied. It is easy to learn, but tough to master. The Fairmont Lawn Bowling Club located at 1414 Dundas St. East bowls every Mon. Wed. and Fri. night at 6:15. For further information call Connie or Brian at 519-451-6464.Our clubhouse is available for small (up to 80) rentals.


Re-zoning of 313 Clarke Road Decision from the Ontario Municipal Board

Seldom does a decision made far away from Argyle have a truly profound impact, not only in our immediate neighbourhoods but likely the entire city, perhaps even in towns throughout Ontario.

We are speaking about the June 19, 2015 Ontario Municipal Board ruling concerning an appeal by St. Leonard’s Community Services to have a 14 to 0 city council decision overturned concerning an application for a zoning change for the property at Clarke Rd. & Churchill St. to establish a Type2 group home. We have likened this attempt of trying to fit Shaquille O’Neal’s feet into ballerina shoes.

I urge you to read a report below by Linda Davis, the Argyle Community Association’s Vice & Co-Chair, who made a brilliant presentation to the OMB on behalf of her neighbourhood, for justice and for just plain common sense. (OMB case #PL140747)

Before you read Linda’s report, please note we have often appealed to our membership to step up to the plate and get involved in your community association’s business. Perhaps you have believed not much can be achieved by an individual or even a group of people. Nothing could be further from reality. The OMB decision in Argyle’s favour is proof it CAN be done.

Need more proof? Check our Project List and History File on this website you will plainly see your voice does in fact count and your opinions and views matter helping to shape the future of Argyle.

Do not wait. We have some openings on our Board of Directors. Call me, Nick Sauter, Infrastructure & Outreach Chair at 519-451-0658 or Jetty Veldstra Membership Chair at 519-451-5484

On June 19, 2015 the OMB ruled to deny the appeal by St. Leonard’s Community Services to have the property at 313 Clarke Road zoned as a type 2 Group Home. This ruling was based on the evidence presented at a hearing on April 20, 2015. The Chair, heard evidence from St. Leonard’s arguing that simply because the property was along an arterial road and had businesses located across the street at the Argyle Mall, that the group home could/should be located in this neighbourhood.

The City and area residents argued that a type 2 group home, which according to the City Plan should only be located in high, medium density or multi-family areas, was not appropriate for this low density, single family home neighbourhood.

The residents further argued that this property did not have adequate amenity space to allow for the safe and healthy outdoor activities of smokers, non-smokers and visiting children. A further argument was the lack of adequate parking for the home. Although the existing by-laws only require a group home to have 2 parking spaces, the adjacent street and neighbours have been extremely compromised in the past by staff and visitors at the current property’s type 1 group home.

The Chair heard evidence from independent planner William Pol on behalf of the City and argument from Linda Davis for the area residents. As a result of this information the Chair indicated that

  1. According to the City Official Plan, this type 2 correctional facility should be located in high to medium density or multi-family areas.

  2. The proposed use of the group home far exceeds the intensity of existing area.

  3. The lot size is 42% smaller than required and will have an impact on the surrounding area.

  4. A number of requested variances had been denied by City Council and the Chair agreed with the rational.

  5. The area is low density, stable single family, well maintained homes, not transitional.

  6. The City Official Plan states the preferred locations for correction and supervised residences does not include low density residential areas.

In summary the Chair stated that he does not believe the proposal conforms to the City Official Plan. The Chair also considered a number of other items.

  1. The City’s Council Nicole Hall, presented that the city already has 3,382 parcels of land zoned for a Type 2 use, showing the City has adequate other appropriate locations.

  2. City Council did not approve the original application for rezoning based on the adverse impact on the area due to the intensity of proposed use as not compatible with the neighbourhood.

  3. The OMB is obligated to consider the Council decision as well as the material presented to them.

Based on the forgoing, the appeal was dismissed. This means the property at 313 Clarke Rd will not be zoned as a Type 2 property.

I would like to thank the City Council for listening to the area residents on this matter June 10, 2014 and making their original ruling. I would further like to thank the City for their expert presentations at the OMB hearing. In my understanding of these kinds of proceedings, this was a very historic win for the neighbourhood but even more importantly, the women and their children slated to be moved into this facility will not have to endure the pressure of trying to share an 8 bed facility in a house meant for a single family.


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