Argyle Community Association News - April 2015

The most important date for the Argyle Community Association is fast approaching. We will be holding our SIXTH






202 CLARKE Rd.

7 P.M.




 Each of London’s nearly thirty community associations has more or less the same goals: To promote the well-being of their community and the City of London. The Argyle Community Association is no different. We practice that noble goal and have listed the items we lobby for on our Project List you can find on the ACA’s website

As soon as a project has been completed we move it onto a “History File”. Everything else is active and has been prioritized. Your councilors have a copy of the project list and are well aware of concerns their constituents have. To date all four of them are dedicated to address those issues.

 Do YOU have an idea or suggestion how the city or Argyle Community Association can improve your way of life? Best way to let us know right now is to attend the Annual General Meeting, (see notice above).

 There is another, more direct way, to influence what gets worked on, and it’s very simple. GET INVOLVED! Join a committee or even become a member of our Board of directors. Your contribution has the power to influence the very future of our neighbourhoods.

 An example is the Rapid Transit Initiative (named BRT) being discussed via public input meetings throughout the city. The BRT is part of an enormous 1.2 billion dollar plan to totally revamp London’s transportation system. The present proposal for the location of the eastern terminal is Fanshawe College, not the Argyle Shopping Centre with its existing bus bays, shelters and parking.

 WHY NOT US was a valid question posed in the London Plan and that is exactly what the 55,000 Argyle residents are asking. The current location is the heart and soul of Central East London and deserves the same consideration as similar “end points” for the BRT.

 Yes, your Argyle Community Association is working hard to obtain fair & equal treatment as the rest of the city but we long resolve to conduct our business in a civil and rational manner.

 Want to help? Become part of the process? Let us know.

 As Always: Support your neighbourhood businesses, SHOP LOCAL

 Nick Sauter,