The very first item for the Argyle Community Association in 2015 was to meet with our three newly-elected councillors in Argyle (wards 1, 3 & 4) to introduce London’s largest community group to them. Argyle voters: It looks like you hit a home run when you elected Michael van Holst in

Ward 1, Moh Salih Ward 3 and Jesse Helmer in Ward 4. All three of them seem to be eager to start working on the issues that concern their constituents and the City of London.

Our new councillors as well as veteran Bill Armstrong (ward 2), are well aware of local needs and issues in their neighbourhoods.

The number one project on the list is to get the Argyle Community Complex build on or before the promised 2018 date. Our families, seniors as well as young people need a “focus” place to meet, greet, get fit, grow, learn & play. When completed, this facility will have a tremendous positive impact on Greater Argyle and its 55,000 residents. It will unite and draw Argylers together like nothing has ever done before.

Next in line is the reconstruction of the Ham-Gore Rd intersection, a true remnant from the horse and buggy days. It’s been a nightmare ever since the automobile was invented because having to turn one’s head left by 157 degrees to observe traffic is literally a pain in the neck.


The illegal “group home” issue where a 72 year-old man lost his life in a fire on November 3rd has not garnered much press lately, however, the ACA has received a reply from the Regional Supervising Coroner advising us there is an “Ongoing Investigation” into the death of a resident of an “unlicensed” group home. It’s understandable a thorough probe takes time and careful thought how to fix this problem is required. Our advice to all public institutions who are involved in this effort is to seek input from the city’s community groups since these homes are located throughout London.


Argyle residents have likely read about a huge four-year old effort to modernize London’s transportation system is gathering steam. The entire Transportation Master Plan (TMP) is a costly $1.2 billion undertaking. Your Argyle Community Association fully supports this enormous project but has proposed the East Terminal for the Bus Rapid Transit route should be located at the current Argyle Shopping Mall, not Fanshawe College. Shelters & bus bays already exist and that particular location is the heart of Argyle and its 55,000 residents…….have a comment let us know.


To our readers, whether members of a community group or not, it must be evident the leadership and committee chairs of local associations provide an enormous (and free) service to residents in their neighbourhoods. But everyone’s time comes to step aside for others to carry the ball. We are asking to look within yourself to find the spirit of volunteerism and offer some time in your busy life to the community you live in. Volunteers are the spark to get things done. They know the needs of their neighbours and their community. In Argyle, attend a Board of Directors meeting held every fourth Wednesday, 7.00 p.m. at the East London Public Library.


Do you have an idea? Want to join or chat? Call me, Nick Sauter 519-451-0651

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