HURRAY……… seems like forever but finally long suffering residents are cheering as the final stage of the Veterans Memorial Parkway sound barrier is being carried out while panels are being slid into I beams along their backyards. Blue Sky Fence & Deck Company’s site supervisor Chris Toth has high hopes the project will be completed by mid September. Does this not call for a giant 2000 people neighbourhood party??? Just a minute!! No one will be able to hear you now.


Because of another effort by about 20 dedicated volunteers “Rake Day” at the proposed Parkette next to the roundabout was a “clean sweep”. Twigs & other debris was piled up along the curb and promptly removed by the City……….thanks once again Jay Stanford & staff for your much appreciated support. This green space now looks very tidy.


We are excited to say our Third Annual Argyle Art-in-the Park was a great success! We doubled in size from the two previous years with about 74 artists/artisans and food vendors in total. This year we added a Kids Zone area as well. We want to thank our sponsors, the artists/artisans, food vendors, musicians, visitors and a dedicated group of volunteers for making the day a huge success. This is what community is all about and strong community spirit resonated strongly throughout the day. Mark your calendars for Saturday, August 22, 2015 for our fourth annual event. Nancy McSloy


Concurrent to the Art in the Park event the Argyle Community sponsored it’s third Million Tree Challenge sale along Kiwanis Park Drive. For once it didn’t rain as happy customers snapped up 80 trees adding to the total of 180,000 city-wide. At our sale some species (all native) were totally sold out to become happy green sentinels in the City of Trees for years and decades to come.


First, Second & Third Streets were once touted as Canada’s worst roads. NO LONGER! First St. was upgraded two years ago, Third St. is to be finished by the end of 2015 and the worst one, Second St. is in the midst to become another beautiful connection between Dundas & Oxford. Thank you City Roads Department for doing a great job.


Trafalgar Street East, pounded daily by heavy truck traffic, has also not slipped through the cracks; It’s being resurfaced to Crumlin Side Road.

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