ACA NEWS - July 2014

Argyle has been an exciting place to be lately. Anyone who took part in the East London Optimists Canada Day celebrations would agree this group of dedicated volunteers organized another fantastic event. It was capped off with a beautiful fireworks display, enchanting about 15,000 awestruck people from the very young to the young at heart. THANKS EAST LONDON OPTIMISTS.


In case you haven’t heard the rezoning request to establish a group home at Clarke Rd. & Churchill was rejected by a 14 – 0 vote City Council vote. A true victory for common sense as well as the eight women plus four staff who would have been jammed into a converted house like sardines in a can.


With the help of nearly 50 “Argylers”, the proposed “Parkette” clean up at the Roundabout on June 14 yielded almost forty yards of trash, litter and junk. One can scarcely believe the stuff our volunteers collected from along the fence. Thanks Bill Armstrong for supplying coffee and water. Thanks as well to Jay Stanford, the city’s Director of Environmental & Solid Waste Programs for some much needed supplies.


Kathleen Ave is getting a well-deserved upgrade. This street has long been on our Project List along with about 100 similar Central East London roads in desperate need of modernization.


The Kiwanis bike path extension to connect with the main paved trail along the Thames River is closer than ever. A bridge spanning the CNR tracks is the proposed $700,000 solution because a six million dollar tunnel is simply out of the question. Proposed completion date is 2016.


Construction to replace the ancient Gore Rd. Bridge is finally under way. Part of the work will include a gentler slope. CITY ROADS DEPARTMENT: Please finish the upgrade by fixing the Ham-Gore Roads intersection that has sent scores of people to the chiropractor with neck problems.


It seems the noise barrier issue along the VMP is finally settled. It was a fight that took way too long. The final solution is a “composite” wall touted to be more attractive than wood.

Another emerging issue is the derelict building at 2081 Trafalgar, an ancient home that sports a collapsed barn and must be one of the city’s worst eyesores. Our By-Laws Enforcement Department has promised to take swift action.


A “Discover Argyle Day”, held on June 21 at the East London Library, was a rousing success. Along with about two dozen exhibitors the East London Optimists and your Argyle Community Association made this the perfect meet & greet day.


TO ALL OF YOU WHO READ THIS: With a membership of more that 1300 the Argyle Community Association is the largest community group in London. Our voices are being heard and our concerns are being addressed by the City of London. We urge you to become a part of the ACA to keep the momentum going.

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