A.C.A. News June 2014

In the February & March ACA NEWS we spoke about an important “Emerging” issue in Argyle. It is a proposal by St. Leonard’s Community Services to convert an oversized house into a Type 2 group home at 313 Clarke Rd. (directly across Clarke Rd SS). It is now June and this issue is far from settled as you can read in the update below by Linda Davis who is the spokesperson for the Churchill/Clarke Rd. neighbourhood group:

This re-zoning request went to the Planning and Environment Committee and they sent it back to the Planning Department staff. They requested a reduction to the proposed number of residents, changes to the proposed amenity space and solutions to the parking issues. St. Leonard’s has replied that no changes should be required and reducing the number of beds would not fit their business needs. It is believed, at this time, that the City of London Planning Department will also reissue their original recommendations regardless of the request by the Committee.

The house in question is currently a Type 1 Group Home with four bedrooms. The proposed use by St. Leonard’s would see this use increase to eight unrelated people plus staff. The intent of St. Leonard’s is to relocate the women from a 5,110 sq. ft. home on Little Grey St. to the proposed 2637 sq. ft. Clarke Rd. property. When combining the buildings with their lots this would constitute a more than 70% reduction in space from Little Grey to Clarke Rd.

The Clarke Rd. property at present has no usable amenity space for outdoor activities. St. Leonard’s has proposed repurposing part of the driveway for a private yard area. This would give the eight women, their guest, families, visiting children and staff a 30 sq. ft. area to use. This one single area would be expected to serve as play area, relaxation area and smoking area for the residents without an alternative. Even the City of London, with their 2012 Smoking By-Law, has determined that smokers should not be closer than 9 meters (30 ft.) to children’s play areas. We the residents of the area feel this is an unacceptable solution. Some Londoner’s have stated that, although this space has been likened to a sardine can, it is good enough for these women, we say – NO IT’S NOT!

Respectfully submitted by Linda Davis


Argyle residents as well as the rest of London have fallen in love with the Charley Fox Memorial Overpass, not only because it eliminated constant traffic tie-ups at the tracks but has proven to be a beautiful mix of art and engineering. However, the finishing touch is required by converting the small green space at the south-east corner into a parkette hence we sent this email to City Council:

From the day it opened in 2011 the Charley Fox Memorial overpass has been praised as one of Canada’s most efficient traffic movers and admired for its beautiful design. The majestic art work of splaying fighter planes in the centre serves as a salute to our brave veterans.

Still, the roundabout needs a finishing touch. The proposal is to establish a serene and quiet walk-to only parkette on the south-east corner of the property. A suggestion has been made to enfold this project with the upcoming 100th year observance of the Battle for Vimy Ridge by placing an appropriate memorial feature on the grounds.

If you wish to become a supporter of this effort, please contact me with your ideas & suggestions that can presented to City Council in order to have that land declared as surplus: Nick Sauter, Outreach & Infrastructure Chair, Argyle Community Association. nikker@rogers.com 519-451-0658




The East London Branch Library and a host of civic partners, including the Argyle Community Association, is hosting a DICOVER ARGYLY DAY from 11 am to 3 pm on Saturday June 21 held on the library site.

Discover what’s happening in Argyle! An interactive and informative day for all ages: BBQ, Entertainment, Prizes, Demonstrations, Children’s & Adult Activities, TD Summer Reading Club Sign-Up and much more……………..SOUNDS GREAT, come out to meet & mingle.


As always: SHOP LOCAL! Support Argyle’s business community. We need them and they need us.