ACA NEWS, April 2014

THE important item in April is the Argyle Community Association’s Annual General Meeting on April 23rd. It will be held at the Christian Elementary School, 202 Clarke Rd. (north of Trafalgar on the east side) at 7:00 p.m.

Our Guest speaker will be Glen Pearson, one of our nation’s most eminent humanitarians who is well known locally and abroad for his tireless volunteer work. Truly he is one of London’s treasures.

The topic for Glen’s address will be: If not volunteers, then who?

Please consider bringing an item of canned or packaged food for London’s Food Bank.


Every Item on the ACA’s PROJECT LIST ( was suggested by our membership, not a single one of these projects is frivolous or unnecessary. Here is a quick update:

“Sincere thanks to Councillor Orser, Bylaws Manager Orest Katolyk and many other civic employees who were instrumental in getting the building at Dundas & Hale St. renovated. It’s starting to look very presentable. This goes to show a sow’s ear can indeed be made into a silk purse.

The Gore Road Bridge replacement over Pottersburg Creek is scheduled for this year.

After a long debate a wooden fence is to be erected along the VMP to alleviate the relentless traffic noise for nearly 2000 resident who live next to London’s only expressway.

According to Ward Two Councillor Bud Polhill the Highbury-Ham Road intersection will be upgraded this summer. Bud also promised to speak with Roads & Transportation Manager Ed Soldo regarding an in-depth study of London’s only direct North-South traffic corridor from the 401.

The well overdue safety fix of the Ham-Gore Road intersection will also be looked at. The suggestion is not a (proposed) roundabout but a gentle curve at that corner so Gore Rd. traffic meets Ham road squarely.

Bud also committed to support the idea of establishing a Parkette at the S/E corner of the Charley Fox Memorial Overpass. The idea of creating a quiet, serene green space in honour of our brave veterans could meld perfectly with the 2017 observation of battle for Vimy Ridge.

Yes, your Argyle Community Association has been very active to fulfil our mandate to:

2.01 Represent the common interests of the residents of the Argyle area.

2.02 Promote the wellbeing of the community and the City of London

But no organization, no matter how noble their goals, can succeed through its leadership alone. It is only when a membership (we’re presently at nearly 1300) gets involve with their active support.

You are asked to show that support by attending the AGM on April 23rd.