ACA NEWS, January 2014

Nick Sauter                         


Will this torturous issue finally come to a conclusion in 2014? A sum of $500,000.00 "seems" to have been earmarked for "some kind" of sound barrier. The project is listed on page 42 of the city's 2014  Draft Budget under IMMERGING ISSUES. Your ACA will check to find out what that means and if a material option has been decided upon.

Thanks to the generosity of Walmart, we have been fortunate to have a display in the store each Saturday throughout the month of November. As a result we have reached a membership of 1,200. The support given to the Argyle Community Association by Walmart is another great example of community and business working together to improve our already healthy and vibrant neighbourhoods throughout the Argyle area. Thank you volunteers for your dedication and work to grow our membership during the November Saturdays. If you still don’t have a membership please visit our website at .

Being good stewards of the Earth offers many opportunities to both young and old to heal our planet. Most municipalities have active recycling programs in place, such as London’s blue boxes, to keep household waste out of our landfills. The City of London in conjunction with the Argyle Community Association is conducting a special drive in Argyle to increase the use of the blue boxes. They want to see if an intensive lobbying effort will result in a measurable boost in their usage. We are being asked to start by pre-sorting our recyclables properly, i.e. containers (especially plastics) in one box and paper products in the other. The end result is a financial pay-back to the city in the MILLIONS of dollars. And the personal reward is the knowledge we’re helping to save our blue jewel in the universe.

Once again Santa's elves have been busy planning for “Breakfast with Santa”. Thanks to a great group of Argyle area volunteers, several Argyle businesses and organizations, the third annual event will be held at Clarke Rd. Secondary School on Saturday, December 7 from 9:30 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. The event is free and is open to children and their families. Come out and visit with Santa, enjoy a pancake breakfast, listen to music and join in the activities.

Congratulations to the Argyle Business Improvement Association on the completion of their first year as an actual BIA. Although the Argyle BIA has been active since 2010, the by-law and levy were approved in November 2012. The street banners of several businesses along Dundas St, the billboard at the corner of Hale and Dundas and the recycle/garbage bins along Dundas St. exemplifies the hard work and dedication of the BIA staff and board members. As we get closer to Christmas don’t forget to support the local businesses in the BIA area, as well as the many other great businesses throughout the whole Argyle area.

2013 has been a very busy year in Argyle and 2014 looks to be an even busier and better year. We have new projects in the works as well as the continuation and completion of several projects already started. In closing I want to wish everyone a great Christmas season and the best year possible in 2014! I also want to say thank you to all the great people, our politicians, our churches and community groups for their hard work and dedication in making Argyle a great place to live.