Every community association has a constitution or bylaws to guide their operation. At the beginning of the Argyle Community Association’s MISSION STATEMENT, article 2.02, we resolve to: Promote the well being of the community and the City of London. A pretty noble goal.

You have likely read the City’s Chief Bylaw enforcement Officer Orest Katolyk and staff have initiated an “Inspection Blitz” to rid London of the dozens of abandoned and derelict structures that are obnoxious eyesores no matter where they are located. Though we have our share in Argyle, the problem is city-wide.

Well over 100 buildings have gotten attention in one way or another. Maybe there is such a structure in YOUR neighbourhood that needs to be dealt with. If you’d like promote the well-being of Argyle (and the city) there is now a way to let the city know by e-mailing staff: to have the Bylaw people address the problem.


In a related matter, Londoners were horrified as the story unfolded of a fire in an illegal group home on Oxford Street that claimed a life. Latest reports are very disturbing because there are apparently other such illegal homes located in Argyle, and worst of all, “The Office of the Public Guardian” whose task it is to: PROTECT THE RIGHTS AND INTERESTS OF MENTALLY INCAPABLE ADULTS failed miserably in their prime function.

Our Board of Directors has discussed this heartbreaking issue at our November meeting and resolved to send a strong letter of concern to, first of all:

The Chief Coroner of Ontario to firmly suggest an inquest be held into this matter. However, there are other public bodies that will be copied because they too should have been aware about these illegal group homes embedded in London’s neighbourhoods: The Office of the Public Guardian, mentioned above; The City of London By-law Enforcement Office.

Not one iota of stigma belongs on the backs of the residents. They had nowhere else to turn to and most of them wound up in the homes because they were sent there by government agencies.

Under no circumstances should this item quietly go away because the lack of mental health care is a huge problem in Ontario, probably Canada, and absolutely must be dealt with.


It’s no secret the Argyle Community Association is supporting the idea of a “Parkette” at the South-East corner of our beautiful roundabout at Hale & Trafalgar.

From the day it opened in 2011 the Charley Fox Memorial overpass has been praised as one of Canada’s most efficient traffic movers and admired for its beautiful design. The majestic art work of splaying fighter planes in the centre serves as a salute to our brave veterans.

Still, the roundabout needs a finishing touch. The proposal is to establish a serene and quiet walk-to only parkette on that property. A suggestion has been made to enfold this project with the upcoming 100th year observance of the Battle for Vimy Ridge by placing an appropriate memorial feature on the grounds. This would be in perfect harmony with the London Plan that stresses the need for strong and attractive neighbourhoods.

If you haven’t noticed, the property keeps looking great because of one special angel named Larry who regularly picks up trash and litter. Many special thanks to you neighbour.


To the 55,000 people who live in Argyle and everyone who reads our column the Argyle Community Association wishes you a blessed holiday season.

Don’t forget…… the businesses in your neighbourhood: SHOP LOCAL