ALTHOUGH work to erect a sound barrier wall along the VMP is continuing the project is about three weeks behind schedule. The main cause for the delay were the many rocks crews encountered when drilling holes for the T posts. The stretch between Admiral and Trafalgar looks very nice albeit the question needs to be asked: Why is there no fence next to the last property (townhouses) at the south end? Also, for an extra few bucks the short stretch at the north end should have the same type of really good-looking wall.


In late spring we had many complaints about the condition of the CNR level crossing on Clarke Rd. next to Zubicks. The ACA promptly forwarded this well-justified concern to our councillors as well as our local MP. There seemed to be no clear-cut protocols in place as to who is responsible for what. After a month of prodding two tiny “bump” signs were finally installed but actual repairs were deferred because of the Gore Rd Bridge work. Perhaps too many people were getting sea-sick using that crossing, work was moved up. In any case, by the time you read this, repairs will have been completed.


The Gore Rd. Bridge we mentioned above must surely have been a nightmare to work on this summer for engineers and construction crews alike. To build something at the bottom of a creek bed during a record rainfall year can’t be much fun. To all of you who work on that project, thanks for your dedication.


In case you haven’t heard All-Candidates Debates, sponsored by the Argyle Community Association and the Church of the Ascension have been scheduled as follows: October 8th Ward One, October 9th Wards Two & Three, both at 7 p.m. Church of the Ascension, 2060 Dundas St. E

No matter who you vote for, MAKE SURE YOU DO VOTE. Argyle residents especially need to be heard loud and clear. For one thing The biggest project EVER in Central East London will be the construction of a community complex at East Lions Park in 2018. We need and deserve such a facility. Funding has been promised to start in the 2015 budget, MAKE SURE you remind the candidates.


A final plea to all our readers: If you have not become a member of the Argyle Community Association consider doing so. We are London’s largest community group with scores of achievements to our credit, all for the well-being of Argyle and the City of London. Better still, become active within the ACA.Our committees need your skills and dedication. Phone me: Nick Sauter, Membership Committee,



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