Time moves on and time changes everything. This month will be the seventh year of the Argyle Community Association's existence. It started with four people in 2008, our BOD,  which was also our entire membership. We had a dream that one day we too would have recreational facilities and decent infrastructure for a neighbourhood of 27,000 people, the largest in London. We were determined to represent the common interests ofthe residents of the Argyle area to promote the well-being of the community and the City of London. It was and remains a noble goal indeed, one that we will continue to pursue. All the while our membership continued to grow and now stands at about 1,700.

A lot has changed in seven years. The meager. hand-written project list we once worked from has become an organized document, (check this website) and finished jobs are listed on a “Completed” file.

Your all-volunteer Board of Directors has worked diligently, reaching out to city staff and Councillors alike to discuss items of concern to our residents. A couple of examples are: The Hamilton/Gore Rd. intersection is slated for an upgrade in 2019. Still a bit of a wait but at least the work is on the horizon. The latest announcement is about a complete rebuild of the Hamilton/Highbury crossroad, a true traffic nightmare and one the top five most accident-prone locations in the city.

Besides infrastructure items your Argyle Community Association has been involved in many other endeavors to improve the quality of life for residents in Central East London. Yes, time has moved on but it was extraordinary people who were willing to step forward and help shape the place we live in for the better.

It is therefore with a heavy heart and a deep sense of trepidation I am announcing that I am leaving the Board of Directors to take my place as a regular member among the most wonderful people in all of London. Our last mayor dubbed Argyle “the economic engine that makes London run”, you, my dear friends must be the engineers.

I'm asking you, not only to support the present leadership of the ACA, but to step forward to help shape the future of the place you call home.

Thanks & regards, Nick Saute

ACA NEWS, July 2015

Please welcome our new Chair – Kristin Haight and Vice Chair – Linda Davis who were elected at the last ACA Board of Directors meeting.  Kristin and Linda will be acting as Co-Chairs to bring positive initiatives to the Argyle Community!




Social Media

Stay informed and keep in touch online!

Twitter: @ArgyleCommAssoc

Facebook: "Discover Argyle"




Canada Day

Thank you so much to all of our wonderful residents who took the time to speak with us on Canada Day about issues in Argyle that matter to you! We learned so much about Argyle and its residents. Results from the survey will be posted in the near future on our website and social media.  Stay tuned!



Family Centre Argyle is NOW OPEN!

The Family Centre Argyle doors opened on June 23rd at 9:00am!
Location: 1990 Royal Crecent (attached to Lord Nelson Public School)

Hours: 9am-5pm Monday – Friday (open late on Wednesdays until 8pm)

Telephone: 519-455-2791

Drop by for a visit to learn more about the programs they offer!



Free Drop in Summer Play Program

Are you looking for something FREE for your kids to do this summer?! The City of London is offering FREE drop-in summer playground programs for kids 6-12 years old at a school near you!

Check out the link below for more details:                                                    


Shift London and Rapid Transit

Help to keep the eastern bus terminal at the Argyle Mall. The current proposal is for that terminal to be located at Fanshawe College. Go to feedback and complete a survey concerning Rapid Transit. You can also contact your city councillor at City Hall 519-661-2500. Ward 1 Michael van Holst ext. 4001, Ward 2 Bill Armstrong ext. 4002, Ward 3 Mo Salih ext. 4003, Ward 4 Jesse Helmer ext. 4004


Lawn Bowling

FUN, FRIENDS, EXERCISE and FRESH AIR. Lawn Bowling is a low cost outdoor activity with all equipment supplied. It is easy to learn, but tough to master. The Fairmont Lawn Bowling Club located at 1414 Dundas St. East bowls every Mon. Wed. and Fri. night at 6:15. For further information call Connie or Brian at 519-451-6464.Our clubhouse is available for small (up to 80) rentals.


Re-zoning of 313 Clarke Road Decision from the Ontario Municipal Board

Seldom does a decision made far away from Argyle have a truly profound impact, not only in our immediate neighbourhoods but likely the entire city, perhaps even in towns throughout Ontario.

We are speaking about the June 19, 2015 Ontario Municipal Board ruling concerning an appeal by St. Leonard’s Community Services to have a 14 to 0 city council decision overturned concerning an application for a zoning change for the property at Clarke Rd. & Churchill St. to establish a Type2 group home. We have likened this attempt of trying to fit Shaquille O’Neal’s feet into ballerina shoes.

I urge you to read a report below by Linda Davis, the Argyle Community Association’s Vice & Co-Chair, who made a brilliant presentation to the OMB on behalf of her neighbourhood, for justice and for just plain common sense. (OMB case #PL140747)

Before you read Linda’s report, please note we have often appealed to our membership to step up to the plate and get involved in your community association’s business. Perhaps you have believed not much can be achieved by an individual or even a group of people. Nothing could be further from reality. The OMB decision in Argyle’s favour is proof it CAN be done.

Need more proof? Check our Project List and History File on this website you will plainly see your voice does in fact count and your opinions and views matter helping to shape the future of Argyle.

Do not wait. We have some openings on our Board of Directors. Call me, Nick Sauter, Infrastructure & Outreach Chair at 519-451-0658 or Jetty Veldstra Membership Chair at 519-451-5484

On June 19, 2015 the OMB ruled to deny the appeal by St. Leonard’s Community Services to have the property at 313 Clarke Road zoned as a type 2 Group Home. This ruling was based on the evidence presented at a hearing on April 20, 2015. The Chair, heard evidence from St. Leonard’s arguing that simply because the property was along an arterial road and had businesses located across the street at the Argyle Mall, that the group home could/should be located in this neighbourhood.

The City and area residents argued that a type 2 group home, which according to the City Plan should only be located in high, medium density or multi-family areas, was not appropriate for this low density, single family home neighbourhood.

The residents further argued that this property did not have adequate amenity space to allow for the safe and healthy outdoor activities of smokers, non-smokers and visiting children. A further argument was the lack of adequate parking for the home. Although the existing by-laws only require a group home to have 2 parking spaces, the adjacent street and neighbours have been extremely compromised in the past by staff and visitors at the current property’s type 1 group home.

The Chair heard evidence from independent planner William Pol on behalf of the City and argument from Linda Davis for the area residents. As a result of this information the Chair indicated that

  1. According to the City Official Plan, this type 2 correctional facility should be located in high to medium density or multi-family areas.

  2. The proposed use of the group home far exceeds the intensity of existing area.

  3. The lot size is 42% smaller than required and will have an impact on the surrounding area.

  4. A number of requested variances had been denied by City Council and the Chair agreed with the rational.

  5. The area is low density, stable single family, well maintained homes, not transitional.

  6. The City Official Plan states the preferred locations for correction and supervised residences does not include low density residential areas.

In summary the Chair stated that he does not believe the proposal conforms to the City Official Plan. The Chair also considered a number of other items.

  1. The City’s Council Nicole Hall, presented that the city already has 3,382 parcels of land zoned for a Type 2 use, showing the City has adequate other appropriate locations.

  2. City Council did not approve the original application for rezoning based on the adverse impact on the area due to the intensity of proposed use as not compatible with the neighbourhood.

  3. The OMB is obligated to consider the Council decision as well as the material presented to them.

Based on the forgoing, the appeal was dismissed. This means the property at 313 Clarke Rd will not be zoned as a Type 2 property.

I would like to thank the City Council for listening to the area residents on this matter June 10, 2014 and making their original ruling. I would further like to thank the City for their expert presentations at the OMB hearing. In my understanding of these kinds of proceedings, this was a very historic win for the neighbourhood but even more importantly, the women and their children slated to be moved into this facility will not have to endure the pressure of trying to share an 8 bed facility in a house meant for a single family.


Your feedback would be much appreciated:

ACA NEWS, June 2015

By: Nick Sauter and Kristin Haight

A Word from the New Vice Chair – Kristin Haight

It is with great admiration that we say good bye to our Chair Don Kaikkonen, who has lead, inspired and motivated the ACA to achieve great things over the years.  We look forward to carrying on his good work in the future and hope that he stops by to say hello every so often.  Thank you Don for being a great leader and huge supporter of the Argyle Community!

In the interim, our new Vice Chair, Kristin Haight will be acting as Chair.  I, Kristin moved to Argyle in December 2014 and immediately became involved with the Argyle Community Association.  From the first meeting, I was welcomed with warm open arms into a group of fantastic, passionate and committed Board of Directors who are working together to create a better community for us to live in. 

I would like to tell you a little bit about myself.  Many people would say that I am full of energy, enthusiasm, patience and ideas to pursue.  With your help, I hope to work with you, the residents to execute my vision of having a more engaged community full of excitement and fun!  That means engaging people of all ages, including youth.  It is no surprise that I am passionate about youth engagement.  I went to the University of Guelph for Child Youth and Family Studies, then worked at a number of agencies in London and area supporting youth after graduation.  I am currently pursuing a graduate studies certificate in Project Management at Fanshawe College that I hope to apply to a community development role – ideally in Argyle.  On a side note, my hobbies include quilting, board games, gardening, cooking and crafting.

I look forward to getting to know all of you!  Some people don’t believe me when I say this but, I can be shy sometimes so if you see me out and about, please don’t hesitate to say hello!


Kristin Haight


ACA Garage Sale

To help fund operations of the ACA a Giant Garage Sale is planned for Saturday June 6 at 56 Moffat Cres. (off Vancouver St.) A donation of new or gently used items would be much appreciated, please call Jetty (519-451-5484) for drop off instructions.


Shift London

By now, Londoners are likely well aware something big is up as far as the city’s public transportation system is concerned. Consultants, staff and managers have been busy for months conducting meetings and information sessions to prepare us for a big shift in the way we get from point A to point B. The entire effort is indeed called “SHIFT” with the byline MOVING LONDON FORWARD. All part of a

1.3 billion dollar effort to modernize how we get around, from bikes, buses, rail and even walking. This mega-project’s name is the TMP (Transportation Master Plan).

Argyle residents are certainly keenly interested we don’t get left at the sideline when it comes to Rapid Transit service. (See “A voice from the past” later in the NEWS.)

Rapid Transit route planners are fully cognizant the most intense demand is from the East to the city’s centre and from there northward, (check Well folks, we hope the planners realize the heart of Argyle is the Argyle Mall, sporting four bus bays & shelters plus parking. The current favourite for the eastern terminal, Fanshawe College, doesn’t even have enough space to park a dinky car, much less accommodate a bus every five or six minutes. Hope that City Council’s decision-making system from the sixties and seventies has changed as it relates to what services Central East London does and does not receive.



Has anyone noticed a lull in infrastructure work in our neighbourhoods? Maybe not those of us who daily have to squeeze through the bottleneck at the Highbury Ave bridge, however, overall not a heck of a lot else seems be happening as compared to West London. Yes, the Gore Road Bridge is finally being finished, but then, it’s at least eight months overdue. Please take a peek at the “PROJECT LIST” on our website. The Hamilton-Gore Rd. intersection remains a health hazard and a neck-twister for people making a right turn. Have a comment, write to


London Plan

At present the “London Plan” (Version Two) is being presented, you can find the lengthy document on the city’s website under “Draft Revised Plan-Version 2”. Several public input meetings have been scheduled.  Please see the link for more information



Though the Argyle Community Association’s membership keeps growing, now at nearly 1,600, we are now putting a larger focus on engaging our members in the community through volunteering, joining a committee or becoming a member of the Board of Directors. What we all want so desperately is a good life for our families and fair treatment from the city….well, it doesn’t happen by itself. WE NEED YOU!! We’re asking you for help to donate a bit of your time and talents to forge our future. Please call our Membership Chair Jetty for more information on how you can get involved at: 519-451-5484 or Click here to join!


Trees in Argyle

With the help of ReForest London and its many partners, Argyle has received two new forests.  The first is at Mildred Baron’s Park on Kathleen Avenue behind the Home Hardware.  The Second is in Nelson Park on Kipling Avenue.  These are really great parks to bring your kids to for picnics, sports and an opportunity to watch a new forest grow!

Secondly, ReForest London gave the ACA 50 free seedlings to giveaway at the Clarke Road Home and Garden Show.  We are happy to report that all 50 seedlings found a home, even those that needed some extra love!  We had a great time talking to residents at the event.

Thirdly, we had the most successful Tree Sale Argyle has ever seen and one of the most successful ones in all of London!   We sold 111 trees!  That’s 31 more than last year! 

Lastly, Argyle has been chosen as one of four neighbourhoods to be blitzed with trees on Sunday June 21st!  Please click here to find out more information about the tree blitz and how you can get involved or if you want a tree to be planted in your yard!

We would like to say a BIG thank you to Louise from ReForest London who has been a great supporter of our community! 

Click here to see pictures!


A Word on the Monarch Butterflies - Bruce Parker

Please let the good folks from the Argyle Community Association know that the Monarch butterfly needs their help. The population of this popular butterfly is at an all- time low and the problem is due to the destruction of the only plant used for laying eggs and feeding the larva; the Milkweed. I am a member of Nature London, Monarchwatch, and Monarch Health, and all agree to start treating this plant as the beautiful wildflower which is it. There are 3 species locally which can be purchased through various plant nurseries to add to your garden and help the Monarch butterfly.  I also tag the migrating Monarchs each autumn, spending much of my time at Hawk Cliff, near Port Stanley. I have tagged over 3000 Monarchs in 16 years with 21 being recovered in Mexico. They are an amazing insect so please spread the word. Please click here for more information about monarch butterflies!


Proposed Zoning Change in East London

A VOICE FROM THE PAST……………..please click on the sidebar or here to read a 2003 presentation that was made to the (then) city’s environmental committee about a proposed zoning change, (ultimately defeated).


Social Media

Looking for more regular Argyle updates?!  Our social media accounts are booming!  Please like us on facebook Click here - “Discover Argyle” and follow us on Twitter Click here - @ArgyleCommAssoc.


Events in Argyle

Adult Book Club at the East London Library Wednesday, June 3 at 7:00pm

Free Sports Drop in Night at Clarke Rd Secondary School Thursday June 4th and 11th at 7:00pm

Big ACA Garage Sale fundraiser Saturday, June 6th 8:00am – 2:00pm at 56 Moffat Cres

Trails Open London Sunday, June 7th All day

ReForest London Neighbourhood Tree Blitz Training Thursday June 11th 7:00pm – 8:30pm: at the East London Library

Housing Support Services at East London Library Saturday June 13th 9:00am – 11:00am: Public Engagement Session on Regional Healthcare Service Thursday June 18th 7:00pm – 9:00pm at the Kiwanis Seniors Centre

Discover Argyle Day at the East London Library Sunday June 21st 11:00am – 3:00pm

Argyle Neighbourhood Tree Blitz Sunday June 21st 12:30pm – 4:00pm:

Argyle Community Association Board of Directors Meeting: Wednesday, June 24 7:00pm – 8:30pm

Please click here to see our Events Page

Please click here to see events across London in June




ACA News - May 2015

 Annual General Meeting

 Annual General Meetings for any group (especially community associations), are an exciting gathering to hear news, shake hands and to meet and greet, old and new friends alike. Your Argyle Community Association held its sixth AGM on April 22 during a raging ice-pellet storm at the Christian School on Clarke Rd. 55 brave souls attended that gathering and were treated to a wonderful address by Matt Brown, London’s sixtieth mayor.

He acknowledged that Argyle faces special problems no one else in London has to deal with. Still, as mayor of a city of 370,000 people, communal challenges are enormous. Mayor Brown laid out a four year plan, a vision one might say, to take us into a brighter future. The most immediate and pressing one is the TMP (Transportation Master Plan), a 20 year 1.2 billion dollar initiative to modernize our transportation system.

Concurrently the “London Plan” is equally, if not more, crucial because it deals with ideas how London is to grow beyond solving transportation issues. The quality of life has been weaved throughout the London Plan ensuring that establishing pleasant neighbourhoods will make our hometown a joy to live in.

It’s fair to say everyone who attended the AGM was pleased with the mayor’s speech, we are certainly very appreciative that he came to Argyle to talk to us.

 At the close The Argyle Community Association re-assured, not only the mayor but City Staff in general we would always conduct our business in a respectful and courteous manner no matter how strong we feel about an issue.




 We are happy to report our membership of 1520 remains as the largest community association in London. Strategically, membership efforts will change this year - instead of primarily 

increasing memberships, we will now focus on  building relationships with  residents and community groups within Argyle.  We will utilize talents that people have here in Argyle and will try to run some enjoyable, and fundraising special events.  This may be held in collaboration with other groups in their endeavours, or requesting partners to support an Argyle Association event. We will continue to inform you the citizens of Argyle, about social and family resources,  and how infrastructure  - local improvements, maintenance and preventive services affects Argyle  Let us continue to work together by investing in Argyle, through membership, promotion, using our talents, or providing financial resources.

 Jetty Veldstra, Membership Chair ACA



Young or old, everyone in the city is affected by the quality of infrastructure. It’s the source of most complaints. 

Your Argyle Community Association pays close attention to all infrastructure matters from roads, recreational facilities, transportation systems, zoning issues and many other items. They are listed and can be found on this website, updated frequently to show current status. By now everyone is aware of the Argyle Community Complex scheduled to be built at East Lions Park in 2016. A couple of other notables are the Hamilton/Gore Road intersection, long overdue for a rebuild as well as the long awaited completion of Third St upgrades.

 During the AGM two or three other areas (roads) were brought to our attention and will be investigated.


 Veterans Memorial Parkway Clean Up

 On Saturday April 25 an army of volunteers descended on Veterans Memorial Parkway to collect truckloads of trash and litter carelessly tossed along an expressway whose very name honours our brave veterans. One can only be thankful for the many who came to help make the marquis entrance-way to London look beautiful; Everyone of you is a civic hero.

 Have a concern, want to chat? Call or e-mail me, Nick Sauter, Outreach & Infrastructure Chair 519-451-0658


The next ACA board meeting will be held on Wednesday May 27th at 7:00pm at the East London Library.  Everyone welcome!



Argyle Community Association News - April 2015

The most important date for the Argyle Community Association is fast approaching. We will be holding our SIXTH






202 CLARKE Rd.

7 P.M.




 Each of London’s nearly thirty community associations has more or less the same goals: To promote the well-being of their community and the City of London. The Argyle Community Association is no different. We practice that noble goal and have listed the items we lobby for on our Project List you can find on the ACA’s website

As soon as a project has been completed we move it onto a “History File”. Everything else is active and has been prioritized. Your councilors have a copy of the project list and are well aware of concerns their constituents have. To date all four of them are dedicated to address those issues.

 Do YOU have an idea or suggestion how the city or Argyle Community Association can improve your way of life? Best way to let us know right now is to attend the Annual General Meeting, (see notice above).

 There is another, more direct way, to influence what gets worked on, and it’s very simple. GET INVOLVED! Join a committee or even become a member of our Board of directors. Your contribution has the power to influence the very future of our neighbourhoods.

 An example is the Rapid Transit Initiative (named BRT) being discussed via public input meetings throughout the city. The BRT is part of an enormous 1.2 billion dollar plan to totally revamp London’s transportation system. The present proposal for the location of the eastern terminal is Fanshawe College, not the Argyle Shopping Centre with its existing bus bays, shelters and parking.

 WHY NOT US was a valid question posed in the London Plan and that is exactly what the 55,000 Argyle residents are asking. The current location is the heart and soul of Central East London and deserves the same consideration as similar “end points” for the BRT.

 Yes, your Argyle Community Association is working hard to obtain fair & equal treatment as the rest of the city but we long resolve to conduct our business in a civil and rational manner.

 Want to help? Become part of the process? Let us know.

 As Always: Support your neighbourhood businesses, SHOP LOCAL

 Nick Sauter,





The Argyle Community Association continues to liaise with the city regarding the future of the Argyle Community Complex. The facility will feature a community centre, an indoor pool and twin gymnasiums. The location is intended for the city property of East Lions Park at the North-East corner.

Funding for this project has been included in the 2015 budget noted on pages 35 & 165. The original START date was to be 2018, however, according to this February 5th LFP news-clip below, it looks like the FINISH date will now be 2018……hope we all get new swimming suits next Christmas.

* A new $16.8-million recreation centre with a pool and gym for east London was accelerated by two years with work to start in 2016, completed by 2018. It will be located at East Lions Park, on Wavell St.

This long awaited Community Complex will be most welcomed by the 55,000 residents of the Greater Argyle neighbourhood, (London’s largest), because it will knit the community together as people of all ages participate in healthy living activities year round.

For more information email me at


Getting a community complex built in Argyle was no easy task. After a major annexation in 1961 citizens in Central East London watched in envy as recreational facilities sprang up all over the city. In the year 2000 a tiny group of locals led by Donna Taylor formed a committee to try and have a community centre built or located somewhere in Central East London. The little committee grew to about twelve people, it even included city staff along with councillors Armstrong and Caranci. A name for the group was chosen, a constitution and by-laws were written. The membership (@ $5.00 each) grew to a respectable number. Many long and arduous meetings seemed to hold out hope we would finally get our community centre when the city purchased the old White Rose store on Dundas St. East. Alas, at the last minute, the deal fell apart. The East London Community Centre morphed into the East London Resource Centre.

Years passed but the dream remained. Argyle residents longed for a community/recreational facility they could enjoy. By then the immense benefits of community centres had been well documented in many studies.

In 2008 less than a handful of residents formed the Argyle Community Association. Our Board of Directors consisted of four people, our entire membership. However, this tiny group had big dreams.

The first order of business was to resurrect the Community Complex idea. The need for such a facility in Central East London had become urgent and certainly overdue. Though the association promoted other issues, such as infrastructure, construction of an Argyle Community Complex always remained front & center.

Momentum for the idea grew and finally the city called several public input meetings led by Donna Baxter a clever and determined city staffer. All the while our ( now one) Councillor Bill Armstrong continued to lobby city hall and staff for our cause.

Meanwhile the Argyle Community Association increased its membership to more than 1,500 people becoming London’s largest community group.

Argyle consists of 27,000 residents and Greater Argyle has 55,000, London’s biggest neighbourhood.

At this point the ACA is suggesting that input from the community be sought by the city to obtain views and ideas as to what is actually required and desired in our dream facility.

There will surely be hurdles to overcome such as listening to people who have concerns about the local impact a community complex will have.

But we’re a resilient lot out here, just a hard working community simply striving to receive its fair share of good things enjoyed by the rest of London’s citizens.

Nick Sauter

Have ideas, comments?? Please direct them to our Committee Chair, Linda Davis


The very first item for the Argyle Community Association in 2015 was to meet with our three newly-elected councillors in Argyle (wards 1, 3 & 4) to introduce London’s largest community group to them. Argyle voters: It looks like you hit a home run when you elected Michael van Holst in

Ward 1, Moh Salih Ward 3 and Jesse Helmer in Ward 4. All three of them seem to be eager to start working on the issues that concern their constituents and the City of London.

Our new councillors as well as veteran Bill Armstrong (ward 2), are well aware of local needs and issues in their neighbourhoods.

The number one project on the list is to get the Argyle Community Complex build on or before the promised 2018 date. Our families, seniors as well as young people need a “focus” place to meet, greet, get fit, grow, learn & play. When completed, this facility will have a tremendous positive impact on Greater Argyle and its 55,000 residents. It will unite and draw Argylers together like nothing has ever done before.

Next in line is the reconstruction of the Ham-Gore Rd intersection, a true remnant from the horse and buggy days. It’s been a nightmare ever since the automobile was invented because having to turn one’s head left by 157 degrees to observe traffic is literally a pain in the neck.


The illegal “group home” issue where a 72 year-old man lost his life in a fire on November 3rd has not garnered much press lately, however, the ACA has received a reply from the Regional Supervising Coroner advising us there is an “Ongoing Investigation” into the death of a resident of an “unlicensed” group home. It’s understandable a thorough probe takes time and careful thought how to fix this problem is required. Our advice to all public institutions who are involved in this effort is to seek input from the city’s community groups since these homes are located throughout London.


Argyle residents have likely read about a huge four-year old effort to modernize London’s transportation system is gathering steam. The entire Transportation Master Plan (TMP) is a costly $1.2 billion undertaking. Your Argyle Community Association fully supports this enormous project but has proposed the East Terminal for the Bus Rapid Transit route should be located at the current Argyle Shopping Mall, not Fanshawe College. Shelters & bus bays already exist and that particular location is the heart of Argyle and its 55,000 residents…….have a comment let us know.


To our readers, whether members of a community group or not, it must be evident the leadership and committee chairs of local associations provide an enormous (and free) service to residents in their neighbourhoods. But everyone’s time comes to step aside for others to carry the ball. We are asking to look within yourself to find the spirit of volunteerism and offer some time in your busy life to the community you live in. Volunteers are the spark to get things done. They know the needs of their neighbours and their community. In Argyle, attend a Board of Directors meeting held every fourth Wednesday, 7.00 p.m. at the East London Public Library.


Do you have an idea? Want to join or chat? Call me, Nick Sauter 519-451-0651

Check our website,


In December’s ACA NEWS it we emphasized the importance of keeping the green space at the S/E corner of the Charley Fox Memorial Overpass in City hands and establish a quiet, serene “Parkette” for the enjoyment of the neighbourhood while honouring our brave veterans.

The “Angel” we mentioned who is keeping the roundabout neat and tidy is Larry Laur who also constructed a small memorial to remember our fallen heroes. Guess what! Some cold-hearted thief vandalized the site and stole the WW2 steel helmet. What a pity we have people in our society who have no sense of honour towards our valiant soldiers who gave their lives to protect our precious freedom.

The illegal “group home” issue where a 72 year-old man lost his life in a fire on November 3rd is gathering steam. The good news is the City is considering looking at measures to better regulate such facilities. The perplexing aspect is the fact the Ontario Government is apparently uninterested in getting involved in the process. Meanwhile the 1,500 member Argyle Community Association has written a letter on December 2nd to the Chief Coroner for Ontario requesting an official inquest into this matter with appropriate recommendations to follow.


Hurray!! The Gore Road Bridge is open to traffic. Though some finishing touches remain the barriers were removed a couple of days before Christmas. The bridge has been on the ACA’s “Project List” (check for some years and will now move to the History File.

A distressing, dangerous and annoying traffic problem remains just a chip shot away from the bridge. Anyone who has ever made a right turn from Gore onto Ham Road knows it’s impossible to twist one’s neck sufficiently in order to fully observe west-bound traffic. Currently a fix is in the works for 2019. That is far too long a wait to have this horse & buggy intersection brought into the 21st century.


Local media reported another significant London Hydro $windfall is imminent, possibly in the eight figures. In 2008 a similar surplus was around Twenty Million Dollars. The just-formed Argyle Community Association, then at about 100 members, protested bitterly as those funds were, in one swift council meeting, quickly approved and dispensed. NOT A SINGLE DIME OF THAT MONEY FOUND ITS WAY TOWARDS THE NEEDS OF EAST LONDON. It is hoped our brand new City Council will exercise a more equitable sense of fairness in distributing this surplus.

To all our readers, the Argyle Community Association wishes you wonderful, happy and prosperous New Year.

Have a comment? Want to chat or join? Call me, Nick Sauter 519-451-0658

Shopped locally for the holidays? Our business community thanks you. Keep supporting them.


Every community association has a constitution or bylaws to guide their operation. At the beginning of the Argyle Community Association’s MISSION STATEMENT, article 2.02, we resolve to: Promote the well being of the community and the City of London. A pretty noble goal.

You have likely read the City’s Chief Bylaw enforcement Officer Orest Katolyk and staff have initiated an “Inspection Blitz” to rid London of the dozens of abandoned and derelict structures that are obnoxious eyesores no matter where they are located. Though we have our share in Argyle, the problem is city-wide.

Well over 100 buildings have gotten attention in one way or another. Maybe there is such a structure in YOUR neighbourhood that needs to be dealt with. If you’d like promote the well-being of Argyle (and the city) there is now a way to let the city know by e-mailing staff: to have the Bylaw people address the problem.


In a related matter, Londoners were horrified as the story unfolded of a fire in an illegal group home on Oxford Street that claimed a life. Latest reports are very disturbing because there are apparently other such illegal homes located in Argyle, and worst of all, “The Office of the Public Guardian” whose task it is to: PROTECT THE RIGHTS AND INTERESTS OF MENTALLY INCAPABLE ADULTS failed miserably in their prime function.

Our Board of Directors has discussed this heartbreaking issue at our November meeting and resolved to send a strong letter of concern to, first of all:

The Chief Coroner of Ontario to firmly suggest an inquest be held into this matter. However, there are other public bodies that will be copied because they too should have been aware about these illegal group homes embedded in London’s neighbourhoods: The Office of the Public Guardian, mentioned above; The City of London By-law Enforcement Office.

Not one iota of stigma belongs on the backs of the residents. They had nowhere else to turn to and most of them wound up in the homes because they were sent there by government agencies.

Under no circumstances should this item quietly go away because the lack of mental health care is a huge problem in Ontario, probably Canada, and absolutely must be dealt with.


It’s no secret the Argyle Community Association is supporting the idea of a “Parkette” at the South-East corner of our beautiful roundabout at Hale & Trafalgar.

From the day it opened in 2011 the Charley Fox Memorial overpass has been praised as one of Canada’s most efficient traffic movers and admired for its beautiful design. The majestic art work of splaying fighter planes in the centre serves as a salute to our brave veterans.

Still, the roundabout needs a finishing touch. The proposal is to establish a serene and quiet walk-to only parkette on that property. A suggestion has been made to enfold this project with the upcoming 100th year observance of the Battle for Vimy Ridge by placing an appropriate memorial feature on the grounds. This would be in perfect harmony with the London Plan that stresses the need for strong and attractive neighbourhoods.

If you haven’t noticed, the property keeps looking great because of one special angel named Larry who regularly picks up trash and litter. Many special thanks to you neighbour.


To the 55,000 people who live in Argyle and everyone who reads our column the Argyle Community Association wishes you a blessed holiday season.

Don’t forget…… the businesses in your neighbourhood: SHOP LOCAL


CIVIC elections have produced several surprises but it shows democracy is alive and well in our beautiful Canada where the voter truly has the last say.

The Argyle Community Association would like to congratulate Mayor elect Matt Brown, Ward 2 Councillor Bill Armstrong, Ward 4 Councillor Jesse Helmer, Ward 3 Councillor Mo Salih and Ward 1 Councillor Michael Van Holst for being elected. The ACA’s dedication to work in harmony with our new civic government remains undaunted. Part of our Mission Statement reads:

It shall be the mission of the Association to: 2.01 Represent the common interests of the residents of the Argyle area. 2.02 Promote the well being of the community and the City of London.

Surely there can be no nobler goal.


ANYONE who has driven past the newly erected Veterans Memorial Parkway sound attenuation wall lately will be amazed how good it looks. Mature trees planted on the side of the berm add a wonderful finishing touch. But the question is: Why no noise barrier next to the last property (townhouses) at the south end? Apparently specifications for “Living Spaces” do not qualify that property for a wall. More news next month.


For decades Argyle residents have been waiting for a community centre similar to others that had been established just about everywhere else in the city. In 2000 a community group got together in earnest to change all that. They formed a committee that met regularly to plan for the time when such a facility would be provided by the city. For a time even our (then) two councillors sat on that committee. When the White Rose property on Dundas St East became available in 2003 it seemed logical to locate the centre there while sharing it with the East London Library. That plan eventually went up in smoke.

However, Argylers did not give up. In 2008 the Argyle Community Association was established and their first priority was to resurrect plans to have a community complex built in Central East London. From its humble four-member group there are now almost 1400 members, the largest community group in London.

An intense lobbying effort, and with the help of our councillors and city staff, the Go-ahead for a Community complex was finally given by the city for a “Year-round” Pool, Community Centre and Twin Gyms. The location will be East Lions Park, which is City property. We were assured that funding will be included in the 2015 budget.

So now all we can do is wait for the “New” council to follow through on the promise by their predecessor and invest in a facility desperately needed by 55,000 residents of Greater Argyle.

Everyone knows about the fantastic benefits and influence community complexes create for the young and old alike. Families, and especially seniors, will finally have a central community hub to meet, learn or get fit. Frankly, it’s a win-win situation like no other.


Of course your Argyle Community Association is intensely involved in many other projects in Argyle the latest ones to be completed are: The Veterans Memorial Parkway Sound Barrier, The CN level crossing on Clarke Rd, Trafalgar East repaving. Nearing completion is the Gore Rd Bridge replacement and refurbishment of Second St. The list goes on, suffice to say your all-volunteer Board of Directors and Committees have been busy………AND YOU CAN HELP, call me, Nick Sauter 519-451-0658


On Sat. Dec. 13, Libro Financial is sponsoring the Breakfast with Santa at Clarke Rd. High school around 9:00, then a Festival for Kids.

At two o'clock the same day the BIA & Community partners will hold the first ever Argyle Santa Claus parade, starting at Canadian Tire & down Dundas St. ending at Hale St. at old McMaster Dealership parking lot.

Sandy Ulmer, East London Optimists

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ALTHOUGH work to erect a sound barrier wall along the VMP is continuing the project is about three weeks behind schedule. The main cause for the delay were the many rocks crews encountered when drilling holes for the T posts. The stretch between Admiral and Trafalgar looks very nice albeit the question needs to be asked: Why is there no fence next to the last property (townhouses) at the south end? Also, for an extra few bucks the short stretch at the north end should have the same type of really good-looking wall.


In late spring we had many complaints about the condition of the CNR level crossing on Clarke Rd. next to Zubicks. The ACA promptly forwarded this well-justified concern to our councillors as well as our local MP. There seemed to be no clear-cut protocols in place as to who is responsible for what. After a month of prodding two tiny “bump” signs were finally installed but actual repairs were deferred because of the Gore Rd Bridge work. Perhaps too many people were getting sea-sick using that crossing, work was moved up. In any case, by the time you read this, repairs will have been completed.


The Gore Rd. Bridge we mentioned above must surely have been a nightmare to work on this summer for engineers and construction crews alike. To build something at the bottom of a creek bed during a record rainfall year can’t be much fun. To all of you who work on that project, thanks for your dedication.


In case you haven’t heard All-Candidates Debates, sponsored by the Argyle Community Association and the Church of the Ascension have been scheduled as follows: October 8th Ward One, October 9th Wards Two & Three, both at 7 p.m. Church of the Ascension, 2060 Dundas St. E

No matter who you vote for, MAKE SURE YOU DO VOTE. Argyle residents especially need to be heard loud and clear. For one thing The biggest project EVER in Central East London will be the construction of a community complex at East Lions Park in 2018. We need and deserve such a facility. Funding has been promised to start in the 2015 budget, MAKE SURE you remind the candidates.


A final plea to all our readers: If you have not become a member of the Argyle Community Association consider doing so. We are London’s largest community group with scores of achievements to our credit, all for the well-being of Argyle and the City of London. Better still, become active within the ACA.Our committees need your skills and dedication. Phone me: Nick Sauter, Membership Committee,



REMEMBER: YOU are the key to keep our business community healthy and vibrant……….SHOP LOCAL


HURRAY……… seems like forever but finally long suffering residents are cheering as the final stage of the Veterans Memorial Parkway sound barrier is being carried out while panels are being slid into I beams along their backyards. Blue Sky Fence & Deck Company’s site supervisor Chris Toth has high hopes the project will be completed by mid September. Does this not call for a giant 2000 people neighbourhood party??? Just a minute!! No one will be able to hear you now.


Because of another effort by about 20 dedicated volunteers “Rake Day” at the proposed Parkette next to the roundabout was a “clean sweep”. Twigs & other debris was piled up along the curb and promptly removed by the City……….thanks once again Jay Stanford & staff for your much appreciated support. This green space now looks very tidy.


We are excited to say our Third Annual Argyle Art-in-the Park was a great success! We doubled in size from the two previous years with about 74 artists/artisans and food vendors in total. This year we added a Kids Zone area as well. We want to thank our sponsors, the artists/artisans, food vendors, musicians, visitors and a dedicated group of volunteers for making the day a huge success. This is what community is all about and strong community spirit resonated strongly throughout the day. Mark your calendars for Saturday, August 22, 2015 for our fourth annual event. Nancy McSloy


Concurrent to the Art in the Park event the Argyle Community sponsored it’s third Million Tree Challenge sale along Kiwanis Park Drive. For once it didn’t rain as happy customers snapped up 80 trees adding to the total of 180,000 city-wide. At our sale some species (all native) were totally sold out to become happy green sentinels in the City of Trees for years and decades to come.


First, Second & Third Streets were once touted as Canada’s worst roads. NO LONGER! First St. was upgraded two years ago, Third St. is to be finished by the end of 2015 and the worst one, Second St. is in the midst to become another beautiful connection between Dundas & Oxford. Thank you City Roads Department for doing a great job.


Trafalgar Street East, pounded daily by heavy truck traffic, has also not slipped through the cracks; It’s being resurfaced to Crumlin Side Road.

WANT TO LEAVE YOUR MARK IN SHAPING ARGYLE’s FUTURE? Join our membership of more than 1300 via our website or call Jetty Veldstra 519-451-5484 or Nick Sauter


REMEMBER: YOU are the key to keep our business community healthy and vibrant……….SHOP LOCAL

ACA NEWS, August 2014

Construction delays throughout London must be “driving” people nuts. An example in Argyle are sewer upgrades on Trafalgar that have closed off west-bound traffic near Clarke Road, at times causing gridlock in all four directions. The city’s site supervisor on the project is asking everyone for patience and understanding until the end of July. Construction crews are working 10 hr shifts to get the job done as quickly as possible.


The Gore Rd. bridge replacement is coming along nicely. When completed drivers will see a significant change in road elevation and get a lovely new Creek crossing to boot. An exact completion date has not been given.


IMPORTANT APPEAL FOR ARGYLE VOLUNTEERS: A “RAKE DAY” at the proposed Parkette next to the roundabout is scheduled for Saturday, August 16 at 10 a.m. Please come out and donate about an hour of your time. This will compliment the mammoth clean-up blitz conducted on June 14 when about 40 yards of trash & junk was collected. Don’t forget to bring a leaf rake and a pair of gloves to clean up bits and pieces of twigs etc. on this lovely green space. The city will supply bags. It’s no secret Argyle citizens are lobbying hard to establish a quiet & serene walk-to only parkette with perhaps a memorial feature to commemorate the Vimy ridge battle nearly 100 years ago. NEED INFO? Call Nick Sauter 519-451-0658


We have heard the unanimous decision by City Council to reject a zoning change application by the St.Leonard’s Association to relocate a group home to Clarke Rd. & Churchill will be appealed before the OMB. A disappointed neighbourhood is perplexed and astonished that a 14 to 0 vote by our elected officials has not been sufficient reason for St.Leonard’s to look elsewhere.


A three year study to create & implement a $1.2 billion TMP (Transportation Master Plan) is taking shape as details are emerging. One critical aspect of the plan is the creation of express bus routes throughout the city. However, the suggestion to have the eastern terminal point at Fanshawe College should be modified by having the “Turn-Around” point at the Argyle Mall where infrastructure already exists and will serve the heart of Argyle. This suggestion was presented to Dillon Consulting Inc.


Two upcoming events: The third ART IN THE PARK will be held, once again, in Kiwanis Park on August 23rd from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. check for more info.


Concurrent with the Art In The Park event at Kiwanis Park London’s Million Tree Challenge is holding another TREE SALE on Kiwanis Park Drive, bordering the park. This is a fantastic opportunity to purchase a sturdy small tree in a pot. Two sizes are available for either $5.00 or $10.00. Last year, during a similar sale, (in a pouring rain) nearly 100 trees were sold. A comprehensive variety of trees are available, both deciduous and coniferous. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to help the environment while beautifying your (or someone else’s) property. Sale starts at 11:00 a.m.

REMEMBER: When you shop local you help create a healthy community

ACA NEWS - July 2014

Argyle has been an exciting place to be lately. Anyone who took part in the East London Optimists Canada Day celebrations would agree this group of dedicated volunteers organized another fantastic event. It was capped off with a beautiful fireworks display, enchanting about 15,000 awestruck people from the very young to the young at heart. THANKS EAST LONDON OPTIMISTS.

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A.C.A. News June 2014

In the February & March ACA NEWS we spoke about an important “Emerging” issue in Argyle. It is a proposal by St. Leonard’s Community Services to convert an oversized house into a Type 2 group home at 313 Clarke Rd. (directly across Clarke Rd SS). It is now June and this issue is far from settled as you can read in the update below by Linda Davis who is the spokesperson for the Churchill/Clarke Rd. neighbourhood group:

This re-zoning request went to the Planning and Environment Committee and they sent it back to the Planning Department staff. They requested a reduction to the proposed number of residents, changes to the proposed amenity space and solutions to the parking issues. St. Leonard’s has replied that no changes should be required and reducing the number of beds would not fit their business needs. It is believed, at this time, that the City of London Planning Department will also reissue their original recommendations regardless of the request by the Committee.

The house in question is currently a Type 1 Group Home with four bedrooms. The proposed use by St. Leonard’s would see this use increase to eight unrelated people plus staff. The intent of St. Leonard’s is to relocate the women from a 5,110 sq. ft. home on Little Grey St. to the proposed 2637 sq. ft. Clarke Rd. property. When combining the buildings with their lots this would constitute a more than 70% reduction in space from Little Grey to Clarke Rd.

The Clarke Rd. property at present has no usable amenity space for outdoor activities. St. Leonard’s has proposed repurposing part of the driveway for a private yard area. This would give the eight women, their guest, families, visiting children and staff a 30 sq. ft. area to use. This one single area would be expected to serve as play area, relaxation area and smoking area for the residents without an alternative. Even the City of London, with their 2012 Smoking By-Law, has determined that smokers should not be closer than 9 meters (30 ft.) to children’s play areas. We the residents of the area feel this is an unacceptable solution. Some Londoner’s have stated that, although this space has been likened to a sardine can, it is good enough for these women, we say – NO IT’S NOT!

Respectfully submitted by Linda Davis


Argyle residents as well as the rest of London have fallen in love with the Charley Fox Memorial Overpass, not only because it eliminated constant traffic tie-ups at the tracks but has proven to be a beautiful mix of art and engineering. However, the finishing touch is required by converting the small green space at the south-east corner into a parkette hence we sent this email to City Council:

From the day it opened in 2011 the Charley Fox Memorial overpass has been praised as one of Canada’s most efficient traffic movers and admired for its beautiful design. The majestic art work of splaying fighter planes in the centre serves as a salute to our brave veterans.

Still, the roundabout needs a finishing touch. The proposal is to establish a serene and quiet walk-to only parkette on the south-east corner of the property. A suggestion has been made to enfold this project with the upcoming 100th year observance of the Battle for Vimy Ridge by placing an appropriate memorial feature on the grounds.

If you wish to become a supporter of this effort, please contact me with your ideas & suggestions that can presented to City Council in order to have that land declared as surplus: Nick Sauter, Outreach & Infrastructure Chair, Argyle Community Association. 519-451-0658




The East London Branch Library and a host of civic partners, including the Argyle Community Association, is hosting a DICOVER ARGYLY DAY from 11 am to 3 pm on Saturday June 21 held on the library site.

Discover what’s happening in Argyle! An interactive and informative day for all ages: BBQ, Entertainment, Prizes, Demonstrations, Children’s & Adult Activities, TD Summer Reading Club Sign-Up and much more……………..SOUNDS GREAT, come out to meet & mingle.


As always: SHOP LOCAL! Support Argyle’s business community. We need them and they need us.

A.C.A. News May 2014

THE Argyle Community Association’s fifth Annual General Meeting on April 23 was a rousing success. Led by its Chair Don Kaikkonen, the meeting kicked off with an impassioned speech by London’s own Glen Pearson. It would be hard to find a more dedicated citizen anywhere who has put so much of his heart and soul into the task of helping others. Glen spoke to, not only Argyle residents, but everyone about the importance of volunteerism stressing the fact that, without volunteers, modern society simply could not function. Everyone who reads this, take note: While you’re still able, check our website under “Volunteer Opportunities” and see how you too can help. Every contribution you make will affect our community while providing you with a sense of immense personal satisfaction.

Other meeting HIGHLIGHTS: With Jetty Veldstra at the helm our membership continues to grow and will soon surpass 1300. Is 2000 in sight?? The answer is YES. With 27,000 residents Argyle remains London’s most populous neighbourhood and the ACA the city’s largest community group.

Our Project List is continually being monitored and updated. Planned for 2014 is the upgrade of Second St from Dixie to Dundas St; The Gore Rd. Bridge over Pottersburg Creek is scheduled for replacement; More streets in the East Lions Park area are slated for an upgrade; The group home at Clarke & Churchill is on “Hold” for re-evaluation as this property is totally inadequate for its intended purpose; The Highbury/Ham Rd intersection will receive a long overdue upgrade;” Some” railway crossings are in the 014 budget, hopefully the CPR crossing on Third St will be the first one. Our community complex at East Lions Park is on schedule for 2018, funding will start to be allocated next year; Hurray for the upgrade of the building at Dundas & Hale; The long-suffering residents along the VMP will finally get their wall albeit it will be of wooden construction. All of these items have been on our project list, some for many years.

As the Argyle Community Association grows it’s absolutely essential to have new people and ideas filter into its ranks to ensure our voice continues to be heard at City Hall.

Our Next BOD meeting is on May 28 at the East London Library @ 7:00 p.m.



ACA NEWS, April 2014

THE important item in April is the Argyle Community Association’s Annual General Meeting on April 23rd. It will be held at the Christian Elementary School, 202 Clarke Rd. (north of Trafalgar on the east side) at 7:00 p.m.

Our Guest speaker will be Glen Pearson, one of our nation’s most eminent humanitarians who is well known locally and abroad for his tireless volunteer work. Truly he is one of London’s treasures.

The topic for Glen’s address will be: If not volunteers, then who?

Please consider bringing an item of canned or packaged food for London’s Food Bank.


Every Item on the ACA’s PROJECT LIST ( was suggested by our membership, not a single one of these projects is frivolous or unnecessary. Here is a quick update:

“Sincere thanks to Councillor Orser, Bylaws Manager Orest Katolyk and many other civic employees who were instrumental in getting the building at Dundas & Hale St. renovated. It’s starting to look very presentable. This goes to show a sow’s ear can indeed be made into a silk purse.

The Gore Road Bridge replacement over Pottersburg Creek is scheduled for this year.

After a long debate a wooden fence is to be erected along the VMP to alleviate the relentless traffic noise for nearly 2000 resident who live next to London’s only expressway.

According to Ward Two Councillor Bud Polhill the Highbury-Ham Road intersection will be upgraded this summer. Bud also promised to speak with Roads & Transportation Manager Ed Soldo regarding an in-depth study of London’s only direct North-South traffic corridor from the 401.

The well overdue safety fix of the Ham-Gore Road intersection will also be looked at. The suggestion is not a (proposed) roundabout but a gentle curve at that corner so Gore Rd. traffic meets Ham road squarely.

Bud also committed to support the idea of establishing a Parkette at the S/E corner of the Charley Fox Memorial Overpass. The idea of creating a quiet, serene green space in honour of our brave veterans could meld perfectly with the 2017 observation of battle for Vimy Ridge.

Yes, your Argyle Community Association has been very active to fulfil our mandate to:

2.01 Represent the common interests of the residents of the Argyle area.

2.02 Promote the wellbeing of the community and the City of London

But no organization, no matter how noble their goals, can succeed through its leadership alone. It is only when a membership (we’re presently at nearly 1300) gets involve with their active support.

You are asked to show that support by attending the AGM on April 23rd.


ACA NEWS, March 2014

Nick Sauter

In the February ACA NEWS we spoke about an important “Emerging” issue in Argyle. It is a proposal by St. Leonard’s Community Services to convert an oversized house into a Type 2 group home at 313 Clarke Rd. (directly across Clarke Rd SS).

A public as well as two well attended neighbourhood meetings have been held to discuss these plans. The good news is that LOCAL residents in general acknowledge the good work by St. Leonard’s. They also realize the (female) clients benefit from half-way homes after being released from the criminal justice system and should in no way be castigated. In fact everything possible should be done to help them re-enter society.

However, it is imperative to establish a facility in such a way in order to: 1) Ensure maximum success in rehabilitating clients in surroundings that benefit their well-being. 2) Find a property that has enough green space and parking in order to give clients and neighbours alike sufficient breathing space.

The property on Clarke Rd. is simply too small to provide such a climate. It has far too little open space, and if used for recreation, no parking whatever. Let’s remember the building will accommodate eight women plus four day-time staff and one at night, occasionally visitors who may, at times, be children.

Logic must absolutely trump the desire by St. Leonard’s to purchase something simply because it’s cheap. To squeeze this operation into such a tiny lot would be folly. Neighbours are already at their wits end because of illegal parking and confrontations to the point where some of them had to evict people from their driveways. Hopefully common sense will prevail.



The Argyle community Association is holding its

3rd Annual General Meeting

When: April 23rd 2014

Where: London Christian Elementary School, 202 Clarke Rd, north of Trafalgar on the East side.


You’ll have an opportunity to voice  your opinion and help shape the future of Argyle.




ACA NEWS, Febrary 2014

This is the first edition of the ACA NEWS on the new website. As always we will strive to keep you updated about the latest issues that are important to the Argyle community, its residents and businesses.



It has recently come to our attention that a Type 2 group home has been proposed for 313 Clark Rd. (directly across from Clarke Rd SS). This would be a correctional facility (half way house) for women recently released from prison. Most of our neighbourhood was not informed of this and the word is being spread to ensure everyone within the community who will be affected by this change will be notified. This will give them the forum to speak and have their questions answered about how the community may be affected.

Most residents in the neighbourhood feel that this property is not sufficient for these purposes. Among the reasons for this conclusion is the lack of green space or outdoor lifestyle space at the property. There is insufficient parking and several problems have already occurred due to the lack of parking on Churchill Avenue which is the northern border of the property. The community believes the residents of this proposed home will not have anywhere near the proper space to benefit their reintegration back into society. Everyone deserves a degree of privacy to enjoy the sun and meet with family and friends without being on display. This property situated on such a busy street does not have a safe place for children to play when they visit the residents.

It is understood these facilities have successfully run in communities without being noticed by the neighbours, but that would not be the case with this particular location. With eight women living in the facility but lacking the private outdoor space required, there is no doubt the neighbourhood would be changed by the accommodations made to the home to facilitate outdoor activity.

Past issues with this residence have already marred the neighbourhood and would only worsen by increasing to eight non-related adult live-in residents. Area residents fear that less than desirable activity will increase if the zoning change is approved. These activities include infringing on neighbourhood parking, noise and disturbances, an increased police presence and loitering due to lack of privacy issues with this property.

The proposed rezoning should take into consideration how it will affect the local traffic flow and circulation, parking conditions, lack of outdoor space, and the potential nuisance to the community. The city should consider ensuring the protection of the wider interests of the general public, not the least of which is the lack of respect to the female residents of this facility due to inadequate outdoor privacy. The existing situation should not be aggravated by the use of the proposed rezoning.




Want to join the ACA? Please use this website, Chat about infrastructure? Call me, Nick Sauter


ACA NEWS, January 2014

Nick Sauter                         


Will this torturous issue finally come to a conclusion in 2014? A sum of $500,000.00 "seems" to have been earmarked for "some kind" of sound barrier. The project is listed on page 42 of the city's 2014  Draft Budget under IMMERGING ISSUES. Your ACA will check to find out what that means and if a material option has been decided upon.

Thanks to the generosity of Walmart, we have been fortunate to have a display in the store each Saturday throughout the month of November. As a result we have reached a membership of 1,200. The support given to the Argyle Community Association by Walmart is another great example of community and business working together to improve our already healthy and vibrant neighbourhoods throughout the Argyle area. Thank you volunteers for your dedication and work to grow our membership during the November Saturdays. If you still don’t have a membership please visit our website at .

Being good stewards of the Earth offers many opportunities to both young and old to heal our planet. Most municipalities have active recycling programs in place, such as London’s blue boxes, to keep household waste out of our landfills. The City of London in conjunction with the Argyle Community Association is conducting a special drive in Argyle to increase the use of the blue boxes. They want to see if an intensive lobbying effort will result in a measurable boost in their usage. We are being asked to start by pre-sorting our recyclables properly, i.e. containers (especially plastics) in one box and paper products in the other. The end result is a financial pay-back to the city in the MILLIONS of dollars. And the personal reward is the knowledge we’re helping to save our blue jewel in the universe.

Once again Santa's elves have been busy planning for “Breakfast with Santa”. Thanks to a great group of Argyle area volunteers, several Argyle businesses and organizations, the third annual event will be held at Clarke Rd. Secondary School on Saturday, December 7 from 9:30 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. The event is free and is open to children and their families. Come out and visit with Santa, enjoy a pancake breakfast, listen to music and join in the activities.

Congratulations to the Argyle Business Improvement Association on the completion of their first year as an actual BIA. Although the Argyle BIA has been active since 2010, the by-law and levy were approved in November 2012. The street banners of several businesses along Dundas St, the billboard at the corner of Hale and Dundas and the recycle/garbage bins along Dundas St. exemplifies the hard work and dedication of the BIA staff and board members. As we get closer to Christmas don’t forget to support the local businesses in the BIA area, as well as the many other great businesses throughout the whole Argyle area.

2013 has been a very busy year in Argyle and 2014 looks to be an even busier and better year. We have new projects in the works as well as the continuation and completion of several projects already started. In closing I want to wish everyone a great Christmas season and the best year possible in 2014! I also want to say thank you to all the great people, our politicians, our churches and community groups for their hard work and dedication in making Argyle a great place to live.