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Check out  the new and exciting 'Discover Argyle' newsletter- formerly known as 'All About Argyle'.

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As part of a community effort in Argyle, and in collaboration with the Argyle Community Association, a brand is being created for the Argyle community. Based on feedback from Argyle residents, the brand that is being created is called:

"Discover Argyle, A Great Place to Grow".

With the hard work of the Communications Committee of the Argyle Community Association, a website and Facebook page have also been developed with the Discover Argyle brand as the central focus. The website and Facebook page are designed to be an interactive space where people or organizations in Argyle can regularly post information about any initiatives, upcoming events or promotions. We believe that having a newsletter, website, FB page and Twitter account, all under the 'Discover Argyle' brand, where all of the different community organizations in Argyle can post or share information will provide the neighbourhood with a "one stop shop" approach to reaching residents. With these various formats of communication, news and information will travel better than ever before in Argyle! Do you want to learn more about how you or your organization could benefit from becoming a collaborator on the website, FB page or submitting content to the newsletter?

Become an 'Argyle Ambassador' today! Contact us at to learn more!

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