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Health Clinic Closing in Argyle!

In March 2014 the AIM Medical Clinic which is at the corner of Dundas St. and Saskatoon St. will be closing. For several years the AIM Medical Clinic has provided a medical walk in clinic in addition to the regular clinic for their patients. The patients who have doctors there will still have doctors however will have to go to other areas of the city.

We will now have only one walk in clinic, at Trafalgar and Clarke which I believe has limited hours.

The Medical Clinic at Wavell and Saskatoon has downsized as well. Dr. Chris Bruckschwaiger retired and Dr. Dieter Bruckschwaiger has moved to Springbank Drive. The bus service to get to Springbank is not great.

In my opinion this is a huge loss to the Argyle community. We have many seniors who do not drive and we also have a large number of lower income people with young families who have relied on this clinic. The clinic itself was in such a convenient location next to Shoppers Drugmart , a Chiropractor, a Physiotherapist and an x-ray facility.

I encourage you to write to Deb Matthews who is the Minister of Health and Long Term Care and also send it to Teresa Armstrong, our MPP, as well as to the two critics for Health and Long Term Care. We will have very little medical care within the Argyle community and with the long wait times at Emergency Rooms walk in clinics are vital within communities.

Deb Matthews

MPP for London North Centre

Minister of Health & Long Term Care


Teresa Armstrong

MPP London-Fanshawe


France Gélinas

MPP for Nickel Belt (NDP)

Critic Role: Health & Long Term Care


Christine Elliott

MPP for Whitby-Oshawa (PC)

Deputy Leader Critic Role: Health & Long Term Care