"We Discovered Argyle" - Participants Perspective

Note from Moe: The following blog was written by Leonor DaCosta about her and her son Owen's experience this summer discovering Argyle. They participated in our Passport to Argyle program, and wanted to share their perspective on the experience. Thank you Leonor and Owen!   

We discovered Argyle this summer!

It's funny how one can live in an area for years and still discover new
spaces, places and events.  My son, Owen and I enjoyed visiting the
Human Society where we got to visit the animals.  He was thrilled with
his free cookie at Lynne's Bakery and mom was happy with the fresh bread
and pastries...yum.   We drove on Veteran's Memorial searching for words
that lead to a discussion with my young son regarding bravery and
sacrifice.  I took him to the Gore Cairn Cemetery which both intrigued
him and was "kinda of spooky". We participated in the Reforest event at
Kiwanis Park where Owen helped Meagan and Joe with weeding and mulching
around new trees and got to hold a praying mantis in his hand.  Mom got
to shop at Birdies' Nest and sample some gluten-free snacks at Ruby's
Pantry.  We both enjoyed the adventure but most of all, Owen discovered
a sense of pride in Argyle even in a simple thing as knowing he helped a
tree grow.  

Leonor and Owen 


Owen showing off his Passport! 

Owen showing off his Passport!