Our Summer in Argyle

When we first embarked on our mission to bring Discover Argyle and Passport to Argyle to life, we had no idea what it would look like or how it would turn out. Based on the vision of an Argyle resident and the input of many others, including a resident steering committee, we knew we wanted to create something that brings to light the places, spaces and events that make Argyle so unique and so beautiful.

            As we went out into Argyle and began asking various businesses and organizations to participate, we were blown away with how welcoming everyone was and how eager they were to join. It wasn’t long until we had over 30 different events, places, and spaces to include in the Passport program! People from different ages and background participated in events with their passport. Argyle is definitely a very vibrant, diverse and active community.

            There was no shortage of reasons to come and spend a day in Argyle.

From some of the amazing events put on by Argyle residents like the Canada Day event or Art in the Park, to the wide variety of businesses like Lynn’s Deli, Ruby’s Pantry and Birdies Nest, there is a little something for everyone.

            Overall the Passport to Argyle was incredible experience. But there was one thing that made it -and hopefully for years to come will continue to make it so special- and it is the people of Argyle. Whether it be the business owners who know their customers by name, the people and organizations that put on so many of the events, or any of the residents who we met on the passport trail, we were always made to feel welcome. Even when we weren’t sure we were going to be able to pull it off, residents would always step up and save the day! We really got the sense that this is a community that looks after each other, they certainly looked after us!    

            Discover Argyle and the Passport to Argyle was the result of the combined effort and hard work of many people, but we would be remiss if we didn’t mention six very special people:  George, Chantal, Eric, Celina, Akuku, and Murray, our six Argyle and area youth who were working hard in different events and activities. Whether they were keeping score at a lawn bowling tournament, setting up a play day at East Lions, or serving hotdogs at CES Fanshawe’s open house, they were the motor that made this whole summer run. Thanks you so much guys, without you this never would have been the success it was!

As we begin to look forward to next year, you can’t help but get excited about the prospects of this initiative continuing to grow. Considering how many stops we had this year, we can only imagine how many there will be next year! We really feel that this is something special and the thing makes this so special, and will continue to make it so special is that it is a program created by Argyle residents, for Argyle residents.


There are so many people to say thank you too that it is beyond the scope of this blog. So for now we will just thanks to everyone who participated; all of our partners, all of the residents and anyone else who made this summer so special!

Yours in community,