Marconi opportunities day

A Day of Information and Fun!  

Community Opportunities day.jpg

On July 24th, we helped out with the neighbourhood Opportunities Day in Marconi at the Talisman Centre. It was an absolutely beautiful day. We had a big turn out and everywhere you looked, everyone was having fun. Everyone was very happy and enjoying basketball and playing with the water toys. There was also a great playlist playing so that people could dance and just enjoy the music. There was a fantastic BBQ to boot! The Dynamic Dozen, who are a twelve person flash mob group, were there and they showed off their amazing dance moves. At the end of the event there was also  a fantastic Latin Dance demonstration. The environment itself was very laid back and relaxed. Overall, the event went awesome and it was a great time for everyone.

This is what the Events Crew has to say about their experiences:  

"It was a fun experience. I enjoyed it and I am looking forward to more events working with the Discover Argyle events crew!"  (Akuluel)

"Working with other communities  such as London Inter Community Center, Grounds play and Dynamic Dozen, was great encounter, I got to meet new people and learn about different neighborhoods around London." (George)

"It was a great time to play with the kids and show them some really neat stuff in their community. They had all their friends and family out and we had a great outcome, with all the water,  the kids were so excited to get everyone soaked. I would do it again in a heart beat." (Chantal)

" The event was a resounding success! The food was great, there were traditional Mexican dancers, The kids had a great time soaking each other and us poor events crew. I was more than happy to be involved in such an event and hope that the rest of Discover Argyle's events go this way!" (Murray)

"The kids were really energetic and had a lot of fun which rubbed off on everyone. It was a good day! The hot dogs were a great addition too!" (Eric) 

Thanks to the residents of Marconi for such an awesome afternoon. 


- Celina Lamont