A Weekend of Lawn Bowling

Did you know Lawn Bowling is similar to curling, but on grass? Let us tell you a bit about our weekend at the Fairmont Lawn Bowling Club!  

On the weekend of July 6-7th, Fairmont Lawn Bowling Club held the Ontario Provincial Lawn Bowling Tournament. The Discover Argyle team was there on both days setting up tents and scorekeeping for the many districts that attended. This was our Event Crew’s first event together!

The competitors came from districts all over the Province from places as far as Ottawa! We got to score keep the games which let us interact with people from all different communities. Along with telling us about how to lawn bowl, they asked us questions about Discover Argyle and Passport which was a good opportunity for us!

The Discover Argyle team helped out and had a lot of fun doing it! We had residents come out to watch and support as well which was really exciting. We gave away about a dozen passports and 15 stickers in one weekend! The weather in London on Saturday was gorgeous. It was great to see everyone out and about in the sun.  It got quite hot, but we were all appreciative of the Discover Argyle tents!  Sunday’s weather was a different story, with variations of sun and rainy weather. When we say rain, we mean RAIN! It was pretty bad at times and we got soaked trying to take the tents down, right down to our shoes! The games kept going through the rain - they were some pretty determined athletes! 

Eric, Akuluel, and Faben (an Event Crew volunteer) manning the booth & the Opening Ceremonies event 

Eric, Akuluel, and Faben (an Event Crew volunteer) manning the booth & the Opening Ceremonies event 

We also managed to learn a bit about the sport of Lawn Bowling itself. Did you know that Lawn Bowling is similar to Curling, but is on the grass? The balls used are weighted and curve depending on how they are bowled. The sport is played both casually and competitively and leagues can be found all over! There's even a youth league for people aged 10-18 to try to introduce young people to the sport! 

Overall, despite the weather, it was a great weekend to meet new people as well as experience the community and people living in it. We learned a good deal about Lawn Bowling, something none of us had done before, and want to see more people out to see what the Fairmont Lawn Bowling Club has to offer. 


Until next time, 


Chantal and Eric