Discovering Argyle

Almost everyone has a place that they consider their “spot”. It’s a place that makes you feel comfortable, engaged, and motivated. Sometimes it is a place that everyone knows about, other times it is a place you think everyone should know about. 

Our neighbourhoods are full of “spots”. While working with individuals and groups throughout the Argyle neighbourhood, it became apparent that there are many places that are important and special  to people in the community. It was clear to everyone that Argyle is a place that has a lot to offer. Now we want to get all Londoners out to experience this awesome neighbourhood in our City.  The resident group held numerous meetings, shared countless emails, groups have brainstormed and collaborated, and businesses have come up with great deals – all in an effort to create something to get people out to see the neighbourhood. Community efforts such as these are what make Argyle such a great place to be. 

Discover Argyle and the Passport to Argyle initiative are created through community input on what people should see and discover in the Argyle area. Our categories – Events, Places, and Spaces – show the different ways that you can get out and involved in the Argyle neighbourhood. Relax with the family on a Thursday night for Movies in Kiwanis Park, go to Lynn’s Deli and Bakery to get sandwiches and sweets for a picnic in any of the green spaces around the neighbourhood, or take a drive down Veteran’s Memorial Parkway to see how Londoners are paying tribute to our soldiers and beautifying our roads. Our hope is that by participating in Passport to Argyle and checking out "Discover Argyle",  you will consider the neighbourhood as one of your new spots in the city to visit. Many things on the Passport can be done in an afternoon or a weekend with friends and family, and you can win prizes by going out and having fun! 

Throughout the summer you can stay connected with what’s going on in many ways. Keep checking out this blog, check the events calendar for things to do each week, follow our Facebook and Twitter pages. 

Looking forward to seeing you around Argyle!